Ultra-Precision Driver for EEV

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2004E01] EVD9 is a high-precision driver for electronic expansion valve that realizes a variety of compatibility and precise control. Users can easily control the electronic expansion valves connecting PLC controllers by using EVD9. Moreover, EVD9 is compatible with almost all stepping motor type EEVs.


Universal Intelligent Controller

BX1600 is a controller suitable for wide applications to cooling and heating units developed by Dotech’s advanced heat pump control technologies. The state-of-the-art defrost control logic linked with electronic expansion valves ensures superior efficiency.
Custom parameter configuration enables the best performance in various environments by changing the functions and features easily on site.

Thermo-Hygrostat Controller

DQ1000 is an electronic control unit equipped with a high-performance RISC microprocessor, which is embedded inside a thermo-hygrostat and controls its operation based on digital processing. As a part of the split system, the display unit has a VFD (LCD) providing operators with information on the status immediately, thus enabling easy control and maintenance.
A high-performance RISC micom integrates operations and controls digitally and precisely. It handles the instructions really fast and reduces the risks with high sample rates.
Digital calibration on user’s demand is supported. DQ1000 has a sleek design of a rail-mounted control module and a slim display. The ergonomic keypad layout and step-by-step mode selection enable users to set the parameters easily.
Digital I/O signals are completely insulated to block the signals from outside affecting the mainboard. There are safety functions in CPU. Brownout monitors the control power in real time and a watchdog checks the status continuously (every 32 msec) and allows it to it recover from CPU down by noise automatically.
Panasonic NAIS relay which is specifically designed for PLC is deployed to prevent noise from output. The Toshiba TLP523 photocoupler also blocks noise into control power from relay power. It is small but can work at 5A, 250VAC max. despite its small size. Relay contact is specially coated and there is no problem in using it for over 100,000 contacts.

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