LED Display Slim Power Regulator

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2005E04] This LED display power regulator SPR1 series from Autonics Corporation has a slim-size of 55mm in width, which solves the issue of installation space. This employs a display that can monitor the status of control input, load voltage, power voltage, and heat reduction on a real-time basis, thereby enhancing the user’s convenience.
Moreover, it enables more stable and precise control through not only cycle control, on/off control, and phase control, but also control of constant voltage, constant current, and electrostatic force.

This power regulator has a sophisticated and slim design. It has a bracket structure, enabling the user to install it easily. With a PC, the user can set up the parameters (RS4850) and the DAQMaster, a device integral management program, can be used. This comes in a form in which the fuse can be easily replaced, thus allowing easy maintenance.
Autonics Corporation now operates 12 global branches in various countries including China, Vietnam, Russia, the United States, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, etc. And through more than 100 global networks, the company spreads the reputation of Korea’s superior industrial technologies, while playing an important role as a reliable partner in global industrial sites.

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