Wireless Network Security Tools

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2005E05] How safe is your company with wireless network security?
It might be possible that your important information is leaking through wireless networks now.
AtEar provides an integrated solution to manage your wireless network safely.
This solution can grasp wireless network status by using device classification technology, helping in identifying AP installation status (manufacturer/model; authorized/ unauthorized) and device status (manufacturer/model; authorized/ unauthorized). This also checks AP’s risk level based on policies.

It detects internally generated wireless network attacks and notifies users. Also, it helps check the repetition rate of each attack and analyzes the cause.
AtEar helps a non-expert easily conduct wireless simulation hacking at the expert-level, enabling precise diagnosis of the wireless network environment.

As it can create and save a report of collected data and compare it with the past check record, it can identify problems periodically, and integrate and analyze many check points efficiently.
Someone whom you don’t know can use your Wi-Fi and intentionally breach your system to steal your information at any time.
If you experience a wireless attack while you are connected to a wireless network, it notifies
users of the attack and blocks the wireless network via ARP Spoofing and DNS detection technology to protect users from the hacking attack.
Device scan function checks Firmware vulnerability of the sharer that you are connected to and shows information on all the connected devices to prepare for the hacking attack in advance.
If URLs are in the text messages, none are safe from smishing. MoVi smishing checks the website of unknown messages via the ‘URL preview’ function, and determines whether the URL fits the message contents in advance.

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