Factory Automation Sensors (Rotary Encoder)

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2005E08] Kwangwoo Co., Ltd. recently released a new series of factory automation sensors, the KHB40 Series. These innovative, optical-type factory automation sensors made through the process of weight lightening (22mm) are designed to be easily installed in various applications.
This series comprises products with proven reliability, which are applicable for operating servo motors, stepping motors, and robot wheels.
And there are two other factory automation sensors ‒ KH60 and KS58 ‒ that were designed and developed in order to control the location of TM motors for MRL (Machine Room Less) elevator.

These two products, using a Sin/Cos way of analogue signal instead of using a digital signal, create virtual wave forms by splitting signals, thus increasing signal density. They are intended for export to China, India, Germany, etc.
Established in 1992, Kwangwoo has been professionally committed to manufacturing of rotary encoders (detection sensors for the speed and location of motors). Based upon design capacity and production technology accumulated over nearly 30 years, Kwangwoo is ceaselessly applying its products to various relevant industrial areas.

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