Image Signal Processors[INQ. NO. 2005E09] Image signal processors combining with CMOS image sensors including enhanced sensitivity and high-resolution functions, provide high quality HD images through low current, low heat and one chip solution in the security/surveillance market. They provide high image-quality specialized for surveillance not only indoors, but also in the worst outdoor conditions.
Also, they support EX-SDI and HD-analog outputs for efficient image transmission based on coaxial cable. In addition, they support not only one-cable solution for user convenience, but also PoC (Power over Coax), UCC (Upstream Communication Channel), thereby enhancing convenience and utility of installation.
Eyenix is a fabless R&D company specializing in high-definition video-signal processing semiconductors and intelligent artificial vision system solutions. It has been developing technologies such as high-definition ISP, EX-SDI video/audio transmission technology and industrial IP technology.
Eyenix will continue striving to ensure timely production of differentiated core SoCs in such industries as video surveillance, broadcasting, medical devices, and automotive imaging equipment, while providing consistency in high quality and supply stability. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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