Circular Knitting Machines[INQ. NO. 2006E03] Keumyong Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 1956, has been professionally manufacturing various kinds of circular knitting machines designed for knitting of yarn into fabric over the past 60 years.
Keumyong Machinery has been exporting these machines to over 300 companies in more than 40 nations. Currently the company is carrying out active marketing through utilizing of agents in 16 nations.
Keumyong Machinery produces high-speed single jersey knitting machines having 20 dia. to 45 dia. each, which knit the yarns of lacoste, crepe, and plating mini-jacquard.
Keumyong Machinery manufactures rib or interlock knitting machines that are used for multi-purposes with high-performance. Keumyong Machinery manufactures double knitting machines with open width take-up. Keumyong Machinery manufactures double plush knitting machine where the user can easily adjust the pile height.
In addition to these circular knitting machines, Keumyong Machinery manufactures such various kinds of circular knitting machines as computerized electronic Jacquard machine, single knit Jacquard, pile loop Jacquard, mesh & transfer Jacquard, and double-knit Jacquard.
Keumyong Machinery has developed more than 180 models through design and simulation by using 3D CAD in the in-house research institute – in order to reflect more various types of customers’ demands.

Keumyong Machinery is independently manufacturing a whole range of high-quality circular knitting machines (from three gauges to 50 gauges) by using such latest high-precision processing equipment as CNC slot cutter, rotary surface grinder, machining center-vertical equipment, and turning equipment.
Currently, many of the test knitting workers have 20 years’ experience in analyzing various sample yarns and of knitting from global companies.
Keumyong Machinery makes a setting precisely of all parts of circular knitting machines in order to knit high-quality yarns.

Keumyong Machinery has accumulated numerous kinds of technologies based upon technologies of precision processing and assembly over the past 60 years. Recently, Keumyong Machinery has been widely applying its technologies for essential materials and even welding areas.
Keumyong Machinery constantly upgrades its technology through actively reflecting customers’ demands – based upon the belief that only complete quality contributes to the success of the company and its customers. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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