Battery-Test System (BTS)[INQ. NO. 2006E02] Green Power Co., Ltd. is a company that supplies diverse equipment used for manufacturing and R&D of secondary batteries.
Green Power’s equipment features high-efficiency, high-reliability, and high-performance (accuracy, response) – through its independently developed high-performance switching circuits and optimal control technology of software.
Currently Green Power is manufacturing three categories of the secondary batteries-related equipment – battery cycler equipment; battery formation equipment; and diagnosis and testing & inspection equipment.

The battery cycler equipment is designed to test and inspect the performance and lifespan of the battery modules and the packs for electric vehicles and ESS.
The battery formation equipment is a product to be used for the activation process after the completion of assembly process in the battery manufacturing process (free charger, power converter).

The diagnosis and testing & inspection equipment aims to measure the internal resistance (IR), no-load voltage (OCV), internal voltage, and insulation resistance of the secondary battery cells, and thus identifies the condition of the battery cells.
Green Power has ever since its establishment in 1998 successfully developed and supplied wireless chargers to be used for distribution equipment in semiconductor and display cleanroom factories.
Green Power has been extensively applying its existing wireless charging technology for distribution equipment into electric vehicles (EVs), micro mobility, port logistics equipment, and railroads.
Moreover, in addition to wireless chargers, Green Power has been supplying wire chargers for EVs, and expanding its business portfolio into battery area through development of battery packs and cell test systems.

In particular, Green Power has recently successfully developed online EVs that can be charged while running and the trams that require no streetcar lines at all, and it is thus proactively preparing for the upcoming eco-friendly smart mobility era. Furthermore, Green Power achieves the highest level of technologies in the areas of electricity and electronics through boosting the magnetic levitation technologies in regard to motion control. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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