Digital Implant Guide ‘VARO Guide’[INQ. NO. 2006E01] Neobiotech Co., Ltd., as a leading innovation company in the supplying of innovative medical technology, and in clinical contributions to the domestic dentistry market, has developed various sinus solutions including the Sinus Crestal Approach (SCA) kit, Sinus Lateral Approach (SLA) kit, etc., in order for implants to be inserted more safely and conveniently, starting with supplying CMI implants, which have a good initial fixed force.
The VARO Guide, developed last year by Neobiotech, is an implant system that can be inserted on the very day when the patient undergoes the treatment. It is thus currently considered as the most highly advanced new concept of digital implant guides among the hot topic digital implant guides in the current dentistry implant market.
The existing implant guides enabled safer and more accurate placement for the patients, but such guides were inconvenient for dentists to use as the manufacturing of those guides was difficult, while also taking too much time.
However, the VARO Guide can be easily manufactured in thirty minutes by a dentist, based on the specially developed digital tray (PreGuide) and exclusive software, and milling machine – in order to shorten the entire manufacturing processes.
Established in 2000, Neobiotech has grown into a specialized medical device manufacturer for dentistry, manufacturing and selling implants and therapy devices. Neobiotech has contributed to the development of dental medicine through the release of products and techniques that lead the paradigm of the implant market, and has taken the lead in the popularization of implants – through its customer-centered services.

Neobiotech has grown into a globally renowned implant company through exporting its digital implant guides to more than 70 countries including the United States, China, and European nations.
Notching up KRW 5.24 billion in sales as of Dec. 2018, Neobiotech is targeting global markets with an aim of becoming a top-5 company in the global implant markets.
“We will create greater value for our valued global customers and supply the highest-level products and services that lead global markets, based on our slogan of ‘Constant change,” noted the company’s president. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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