Automotive Transmission & Chassis Parts EV Transmissions & Heating Products[INQ. NO. 2006E05] NEOOTO was established in 1998 and it since grown into a professional transmission parts company that can produce more than 50 million parts annually for six million vehicles.
NEOOTO is one of the leading transmission parts manufacturers with high quality and customer satisfaction through self-directed technical innovation. In addition, NEOOTO is constantly growing with global competitiveness, as it is extends its territory worldwide, by constructing production sites and depots in Vietnam, India, and the Czech Republic.
NEOOTO has been supplied products to Hyundai group for more than 20 years with best quality grade. NEOOTO offers product manufacturing as well as forging and turning productions all under one roof.

Transmission & Chassis Parts
NEOOTO can produce core parts of all kinds of transmissions such as M/T, A/T, CVT, and DCT in fully automated line. NEOOTO produces the best transmission parts based on its highly qualified production facilities and precise inspection facilities. Currently base on its high technology and well-organized system, axle assemblies are approved by Hyundai Motors and in development stage for the Indonesian and Vietnamese markets. The chassis products βˆ’ knuckle, brake disc, drum, and hub assembly βˆ’ will be produced in the Vietnam plant.

Reducer & Two-speed Transmissions for Electronic Vehicles
NEOOTO is developing reducers for 12.6kW vehicles and two speed transmissions for 15kW, 85kW electric vehicles (EVs). This cost-effective, compact and lightweight product will perform with high efficiency to meet the growing EV trends and needs.

New Material Heating Wire
NEOOTO has developed new material based on carbon technology. This new heating material reduces power consumption by more than 50% and improves the mileage of electronic vehicles. In addition, heating speed is faster and the material creates no harmful electromagnetic waves. Although it has various innovative advantages, the patented technology offers competitive production costs compared to conventional materials. This new material can be applied to heated seats, heated steering wheels, and PTC heaters. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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