Dimming Film

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2006E06] nepes Corp., established in 1990, is a company specializing in state-of-the-art materials and parts used for semiconductors and display.
As a new promising business of nepes, transmittance dimming film controls the direction of the liquid crystal mixed with an appropriate ratio of dyes by electricity and thus changes the transmission of light.
Compared to the existing similar technologies regarding changing of transmission – electrochromic and photochromic technology − this dimming film achieves 300msec in the changing speed and is applicable to a curved surface as a film style. Moreover, this film can realize a high image clarity by showing an approximately 35~40 percent level of the changing ratio of the transmission in a state of on/off condition.
Unlike the existing general sunglasses, which have the same level of transmission on a regular basis, nepes’s dimming film’s transmittance is adjustable according to the volume of an external light. This film can be manufactured into various sizes – from the size of a certain size of mm to over the size of one meter and thus can be applied to more complicated forms such as smart sunglasses and sports goggles − indicating that this film is capable of applicability to more varied types of products.
Currently, we can see numerous products around us, which were manufactured with an application of dimming film: miscellaneous goods of daily life such as smart sunglasses and windshields for motorcycle helmets; interior products such as smart windows that increase the efficiency of the cooling by blocking the influx of external energy and protecting personal life from external factors; construction materials; cutting-edge wearable products such as AR/VR glasses ; and vehicle windows.

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