Slow Juicer ‘HUROM’[INQ. NO. 2006E12] HUROM Co., Ltd. is the world’s first healthy kitchen appliance company to develop and manufacture a slow juicer under the brand name HUROM with the help of its commitment to R&D (research & development) in the field of juice extraction over the past 40 years.
HUROM pioneered the slow juicer market based upon its own unrivaled source technology, and thus it became a top company leading the industry.
HUROM grows steadily based upon its management philosophy: “Contributing to humankind’s health through developing technology that benefits humanity and creating a healthy dietary life culture.”
HUROM’s slow juicer prevents the creation of frictional heat and the influx of air through slow juice extraction, while minimizing the destruction and the oxidation of nutrients including antioxidant enzyme, vitamin, and phytochemicals. Accordingly, it preserves the taste and the nutrients of vegetables and fruits in a state of nature.
HUROM’s slow juicer ‘HUROM EASY’, as an innovative product, adopts the widest feeding entrance (136mm), and two-liter volume of mega hopper, and it thus can extract fruits and vegetables in whole form.
The cutting wing was installed at the bottom part of the mega hopper and so this juicer automatically cuts the whole ingredients inserted, thereby drastically decreasing the burden of preparing ingredients.
The double-structure of compression filter can be conveniently washed in just thirty seconds by rinsing with water as it leaves no residues at all while extracting juice.
Moreover, this juicer, featuring a balanced minimalist design, creates a harmonious and elegant atmosphere in any part of the kitchen with its matte color.
The chairman of the company explains, “HUROM is a company providing health benefits for humankind. We realized our philosophy as an enterprise with technologies and products for promoting people’s health. In order to do that, we will contribute to people’s health and happiness, not only through various health home appliances including health juicer ‘HUROM’ but also through using 100% home-made juices, in order to help people develop healthy dietary habits by preparing natural ingredients themselves”. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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