Slow Juicer ‘HUROM’[INQ. NO. 2006E12] HUROM Co., Ltd. is the world’s first healthy kitchen appliance company to develop and manufacture a slow juicer under the brand name HUROM with the help of its commitment to R&D (research & development) in the field of juice extraction over the past 40 years.
HUROM pioneered the slow juicer market based upon its own unrivaled source technology, and thus it became a top company leading the industry.
HUROM grows steadily based upon its management philosophy: “Contributing to humankind’s health through developing technology that benefits humanity and creating a healthy dietary life culture.”
HUROM’s slow juicer prevents the creation of frictional heat and the influx of air through slow juice extraction, while minimizing the destruction and the oxidation of nutrients including antioxidant enzyme, vitamin, and phytochemicals. Accordingly, it preserves the taste and the nutrients of vegetables and fruits in a state of nature.
HUROM’s slow juicer ‘HUROM EASY’, as an innovative product, adopts the widest feeding entrance (136mm), and two-liter volume of mega hopper, and it thus can extract fruits and vegetables in whole form.
The cutting wing was installed at the bottom part of the mega hopper and so this juicer automatically cuts the whole ingredients inserted, thereby drastically decreasing the burden of preparing ingredients.
The double-structure of compression filter can be conveniently washed in just thirty seconds by rinsing with water as it leaves no residues at all while extracting juice.
Moreover, this juicer, featuring a balanced minimalist design, creates a harmonious and elegant atmosphere in any part of the kitchen with its matte color.
The chairman of the company explains, “HUROM is a company providing health benefits for humankind. We realized our philosophy as an enterprise with technologies and products for promoting people’s health. In order to do that, we will contribute to people’s health and happiness, not only through various health home appliances including health juicer ‘HUROM’ but also through using 100% home-made juices, in order to help people develop healthy dietary habits by preparing natural ingredients themselves”. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Home Appliances is one of leading companies, which manufactures home appliances with patents such as UL, CE, NF and COC. Established as Sinwoo Textures Company in 1974, PASECO started its business by manufacturing kerosene heater wicks.


Water Dispenser

PASECO’s water dispenser keeps drinking water clean and fresh in the tank as its UV-C LED module prevents drinking water from bacterial contamination. The company has always been focused on studying how to reduce customers’ electricity bills and came up with an optical sensor. And it is a user-friendly product with good design and height, which allow everyone to drink water in a comfortable position. And finally, it is made with stainless steel 304. By adopting STS 304 stainless steel components that do not corrode and create bad smell in the tank and flow pipes, hygiene is guaranteed.

Electric Heater

PASECO’s electric heater, on the other hand, features the following: First, it has a modern look with beautiful design. And its three-step heating power allows three options. The lowest power is 600W with only the middle tube turned on, and the second power is 1,200W by turning on the first and third heating tubes. Lastly, the strongest power is 1,800W with all of its heating tubes on. Its aluminum reflector maximizes radiant energy with its heating efficiency better than stainless steel reflectors.

PASECO’s aluminum reflector maximizes radiant energy and its heating efficiency is better than stainless steel reflector. Also it helps to lower the temperature of back of product for safe use.
PASECO switched over to Woosin Electronics Co., Ltd. in 1986 and won the 1 million export tower award on Trade Day. It then changed its name to PASECO and was listed on KOSDAQ in 1999. PASECO started sales of its own brand in 2003 and concluded a supply contract for finished goods with GE for downdraft gas cook tops in the same year. Now, it exports heaters and built-in home appliances to more than 50 countries around the world. PASECO has been awarded as an Excellent Quality Competitive Enterprise for 15 consecutive years.
PASECO manufactures four types of products, namely, heaters, kitchen appliances, hygienic and commercial appliances. Its heaters are well known under the brand name, Kerona, and have been exported all over the world. Its kitchen appliances include gas cook tops, electronic and gas ranges, etc. As for hygienic appliances, it produces cloth refreshers, electronic bidets, dehumidifiers and air purifiers. Finally, it supplies rice cookers, fryers, fryer oil filters and dishwashers as commercial appliances. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

LCD touch panel

Fox Electronics is a company that provides reliable products enhancing customer convenience based on accumulated knowledge in hardware and software development technology and in the automation devices industry.

LCD-touch-panel Fox Electronics’ LCD touch panel is an industrial control device that supports user interfaces and various types of communications. It is suitably designed for industrial sites with such communication functions as USB, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485 and so forth. The user can control the input immediately by using the touchpad and the keypad with his or her eyes on the LCD screen. It is also appropriate for the system that requires a fast booting since it does not use an operating system and is composed of firmware. The applications include LCD display applications, home appliances, and motion control.

And its scoreboard is a score display device for sports, especially suitable for table tennis, badminton and tennis among others. The board displays scores on its LCD monitor, and player and match info can be entered and stored by touch panel. After each rally, scores are delivered and added wirelessly via pushing the score button by either player or judge. The board also gives visual and audio signals to games such as “Service Change” or “Game Out” according to game rules. The tiny score buttons can be used with ease if attached to the side of a ping pong table. A battery is embedded in the device which significantly enhances the mobility of the device and eliminates inconveniences associated with power connection. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods