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Fox Electronics is a company that provides reliable products enhancing customer convenience based on accumulated knowledge in hardware and software development technology and in the automation devices industry.

LCD-touch-panel Fox Electronics’ LCD touch panel is an industrial control device that supports user interfaces and various types of communications. It is suitably designed for industrial sites with such communication functions as USB, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485 and so forth. The user can control the input immediately by using the touchpad and the keypad with his or her eyes on the LCD screen. It is also appropriate for the system that requires a fast booting since it does not use an operating system and is composed of firmware. The applications include LCD display applications, home appliances, and motion control.

And its scoreboard is a score display device for sports, especially suitable for table tennis, badminton and tennis among others. The board displays scores on its LCD monitor, and player and match info can be entered and stored by touch panel. After each rally, scores are delivered and added wirelessly via pushing the score button by either player or judge. The board also gives visual and audio signals to games such as “Service Change” or “Game Out” according to game rules. The tiny score buttons can be used with ease if attached to the side of a ping pong table. A battery is embedded in the device which significantly enhances the mobility of the device and eliminates inconveniences associated with power connection. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

Industrial LCD and Touch Screen – WINDOM

A computer has become an absolute necessity. Our life seems to revolve around it. We sit and work before a computer and play games on it for fun. Aside from our office and home, a computer plays an important role at numerous industrial scenes as well. But industrial computers must run faster and with more efficiency than personal computers do. For that matter, now you can count on WINDOM.


WINDOMFounded in 2004, WINDOM is a multi-player as it covers many business sectors by engaging in LCD video advertisement, multifunctional Web-Interworking e-display solution, developing Industrial LCD and touch screen technology, embedded LCDs and touch screens, etc. The computer maker supplies diversified industrial equipment, IT total solutions, and computer main boards for industrial use. In addition, WINDOM also customizes and offer relevant services to customers. And its client list reveals few big names like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and Intel.


WINDOMWINDOM’s form factor motherboards in different sizes like 3.5” or 5.5” are the world’s smallest native x86 platform and fully compatible with Microsoft’s operation systems and LINUX. They support both INTEL and AMD. Its monitors are using LCD panels from Samsung, LG, and HITACHI, and their screen sizes vary. WINDOM offers tiny embedded computer systems with a complete set-up that includes all peripherals such as HDD, RAM memories, WLAN, etc. Some of them come with LCD monitors attached. For power supply items, it presents DC-to-DC powers and Ac-to-DC powers.

The other items are SSD (Solid State Disks), industrial keyboards, wireless systems, HDD impact protection guides, HDD anti-vibration drive kits, and so on. For customized products, WINDOM wants to know what kind of specific system you want to have. For more information, please visit


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