Separation-Prevention Solution for Children (ibiscuit)[INQ. NO. 2007E09] Can you imagine such a shocking situation as missing a child during a pleasant family expedition?
ibiscuit is a service that helps the parents or guardian deal with cases of missing children by informing them when the children are separated from them in crowded places, such as on family outings, in large department stores, amusement parks, etc. The device helps them find their child as soon as possible by informing them of the location of the missing child.
ibiscuit can communicate with each device without using wireless operators, and so the service of the device is available all over the world. There is no extra surcharge and communication fee. This product is available for up to two-days even if you use it eight hours per day. Anyone can easily and conveniently use this product through its app in Android and iPhone.
ibiscuit independently provides the location information through the installed GPS. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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