Interactive Performance IoT Solution (Cracker) Memorable Concert, Cheering

[INQ. NO. 2007E10] Cracker is an interactive performance IoT service that creates a “stage” with other people together through vibration and LED control.
This service is not a one-sided performance by existing singers, actors, etc., but rather creates a “stage” with an audience and fans, or provides a new entertainment user experience such as audience and fan-led cheering and performances.
With only one smartphone, this solution can control all devices located within three hundred meters at the same time and control them in a group. How many devices to be controlled is no problem for this solution providing, that such devices are all within the communication range.
As this device requires no separate expensive control console, it allows the user to get economic benefits. It basically supplies DJING mode like an actual DJ – which can display various productions depending on external situations while freely controlling through LED and vibration. And preparation is completed by using SMART mode, which automatically controls the recognized surrounding sounds.
Moreover, this service provides a customized setting value for B2B customers and supports custom mode operated with one-touch. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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