Shoe Sterilizer Daily Shoe Care

[INQ. NO. 2007E11] In a time when hygiene and sterilization are increasingly important due to the spread of COVID-19, the shoe sterilizer released by NKO, a well-known household appliances brand, is expected to attract keen attention among potential buyers, thanks to its features such as sophisticated design, allowing easy use, effective functions, superior sterilization function, etc.
This product enables three-stage care – twenty, forty, and sixty minutes. The user can easily operate this product by simply pressing on the dialed single button and see the remaining time through the LED timer display. It is easy for the user to carry this product thanks to its convenient carrying handle. For external drying, low-temperature (under 40 to 50 degrees) drying is performed, causing no deformation. Moreover, for the inner parts of shoes, this product can effectively sterilize – with the help of a plug-in type air-tube.
This product, with its UV lamp in the internal ceiling, can effectively sterilize germs and bacteria to 99.9 percent. Also, it features an insertion slot for air freshener that allows the user to enjoy this product more fragrantly through the simultaneous using of the existing membrane. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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