Integrated Smart Management System[INQ. NO. 2009E16] Pluxity, an experienced digital twins solution provider with a number of references on major smart cities projects including public facilities, recently launched ‘Plug Security Platform ver.2.0.’
The Plug Security ver.2.0 is an integrated surveillance monitoring solution for buildings as a platform. The platform combines 3D building map with CCTV systems and a variety of sensors such as access, fire alarms and lighting. The biggest benefit is that anybody can monitor intuitively on a 3D map and see what is happening at specific points in the building.
Operators can intuitively recognize real-time communication and security status and quickly identify details, and ratings in the event. Also, the platform can provide simple frequency, average for decision making.
Also, it is possible to identify information, status and problems of facilities by linking with on-site sensors and monitoring. It is automated to collect real-time data of each system through API of the middleware and visualize them on a 3D map. Other exceptional systems can be linked with our system through an additional programming process. These features make it possible to add additional functions to the platform to match the characteristics of the venue-data centers, subway stations, factories, and power plants.
Pluxity mainly focuses on 3D visualization and integrating building and city operating and maintenance (O&M) systems with its Digital Twin based 3D model. The company has references and know-how in major Korean facilities partnering with Incheon International Airport, Samsung, LG, City of Seoul, City of Busan, Seoul Metro, etc.
Pluxity developed in-house software and the most optimized engine for digital twin which can be differentiated from other existing solutions. The in-house software is an object-based modeling tool. It makes possible easy mapping and management on a 3D map.
Pluxity’s self-developed engine is based on WebGL and WEB. It optimized the web environment, and the solution (3D map subject to control) is loaded within 3 seconds (once at the first time). Because it is web-based, it is independent of operating systems or devices. Also, administrators can work with the web, so it does not matter where the user is. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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