Whole-body Photobiomodulation (PBM) Chamber

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2009E17] This is a whole-body infrared irradiator where near-infrared rays are arranged in specific wavelengths that help with cellular reproduction.
Getting into the device equipped with 40,000 LED chips and lying for just 10 minutes can expedite blood circulation quickly throughout the entire body. It features eight-level customized care for each physical symptom, APP, and smart control function. It provides effects of helping ATP creation in the cells, vitalizing capillaries, and strengthening immune function.
The main customers of the product include hospitals for alternative medicine, sports clinics, beauty care shops, VIP anti-aging, chiropractic, Pilates centers, and luxury spas. The price is moderate and the design and functions are far superior to functionally equivalent rival products in Europe. Using it with a Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Device provides excellent synergy effects.
The product-size is 220cm x 105cm x 84cm. It is exported to three European countries and is U.S. FDA certified.

Molecular Hydrogen-Inhalation Device
This device separates sterile distilled water to generate oxygen and hydrogen gas using the polyelectrolyte method to inhale the gas through nasal cannula. Inhaling for 10 minutes has the equivalent effect to drinking 12 tons of hydrogen water.
It can generate 1200cc of gas per minute using platinum catalyst without any chemical additive. It can be used semi-permanently without the need for filter or part replacement and continuously for 7 hours and 50 minutes.
Only consumables are nasal cannula and sterile distilled water, and the cost is 10 dollars per month based on 5 hours use per day.It can be easily transported with wheels, and is usable anywhere including home, hospital, and office. Has removing active oxygen and antioxidant function. It helps with curing lung damage caused by viruses and brain diseases.
The product size is 52 cm x 42 cm x 22 cm. It is exported to the USA, Canada, and eight European countries and is U.S. FDA certified.

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