Driver Assistant Device[INQ. NO. 2009E23] Due to the rapid changes in the IT environment, various technologies can converge and various solutions can potentially emerge — based on transparent OLED, 4D hologram, and 5G communication.
MAININFO is an autonomous vehicle contents/platform company that rapidly adopts these new technologies and integrates new technologies integrates new technologies in the product to launch new products every two years.
MAININFO is researching driver assistant devices based on motion recognition, named HOLONAVI M20. This is recognized widely as a creative product. According to surveys, car accidents and people injuries caused by car accidents are increasing every year. We think that these signs should not be ignored.
So, that is why MAININFO believes that this product can prevent car accidents. HOLONAVI M20 has two clear advantages over its competitors. One is motion recognition, and the other is wireless charging. By using motion recognition, you can control your phone while you are driving.
For example, you can answer you phone, hang up your phone, and change the music. All of these functions can be done just through a simple hand gesture.
MAININFO made a prototype of this product, and is currently improving the product technology and new design of this product.
In addition, MAININFO has many products available, including HOLONAVI M10 and HOLONAVI M15.
Of special note, HOLONAVI M10 is a HUD navigation for vehicles applying hologram technology, while HOLONAVI M15 is a driver assistant device that can be charged wirelessly. It can easily control both angle and height.
By using this advantage, you can define your location of mobile device anywhere. You can safety drive with HOLONAVI M15. This product is on sale now.
HOLONAVI M30 and M40 are currently under research. HOLONAVI M30 implements C-ITS equipment communication between HOLONAVI products. The final product is HOLONAVI M40, which is under research too. This product applies the ADAS system that combines motion recognition with a mobile device camera.
MAININFO seeks to implement autonomous vehicle contents and a platform to apply its technology. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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