Antibacterial LCD Protection Film[INQ. NO. 2009E24] BIOSHIELD, established in July, 2011 as an antibacterial LCD protection film manufacturer, supplies antibacterial solutions by producing antibacterial 3D forming flex-glass/flex-glass LCD protection film, and MUGONGHAE sanitizer upon acquiring the ISO22196 from the SIAA, a first in Korea.
The antibacterial 3D forming flex-glass marketed from BIOSHIELD is a full-cover size which can cover the edge display with a 3D forming design using a mold technology, and can protect various display edge areas without poor coplanarity in the curvatures by using the 3D forming technology.

With 0.23mm thin thickness, it applies to the on-screen finger print recognition of the Galaxy Note 20 series without any ultrasonic wave distortion, and it supports case friendly.
9H Flex-glass – a Silica coated high hardness film on the optical PET film – is a’ Hybrid LCD protection film’ having the excellent rigidity of a reinforced glass and the unbreakable characteristics of ordinary plastic film.
It is mainly used for the automobile touch panel protector where the safety of the passenger is the first priority, because it has the scattering prevention property of the unbreakable glass material with a much more improved life cycle than that of the ordinary tempered glass film.
MUGONGHAE sanitizer – a Ph12.6 pure alkali electrolyzed water, produced by way of a nature-friendly vegan recipe through the ionizing method of the natural calcium carbonate extracted from abalone – sanitizes 99.9% of three global bacteria in 30 seconds with excellent deodorization effect.
It is mainly used for hand sanitization and surface sanitization, and cleaning of household goods. Its portable spray type feature helps maintain a healthy daily life from the COVID 19 virus when going out. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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