Camera Module (Lens Module) Automotive and Security

[INQ. NO. 2009E26] SOMO VISION Co., Ltd., established in 2013, is a company developing and manufacturing camera modules that are used in various smart devices such as cameras for cars, security cameras, etc.
The company’s HQ and R&D lab are located in Gangnam, Seoul, while Plant 1 is in Gangwon Province, and Plant 2 is now under development, targeting completion by the 4th quarter in 2020.
SOMO VISION, operating its own R&D, can provide 100% customization according to the customer’s requirements and has special confidence in the strongest point of SOMO VISION Co., Ltd. – competence in design, assembly, and evaluation on optics (lens).
SOMO VISION supplies car OEM makers in and out of Korea with SVM (Surround View Monitoring), RVC (Rear View Camera)) and now research is under way with Tier 1 suppliers of car makers in and out of Korea for development and supply of a camera module which applies to LKAS (Lane Keeping Assistant System), DMS (Drive Monitoring System), DVRS (Drive Video Record System), CMS (Camera Monitoring System) by way of various sensors such as On-semi, OV, Sony and its own lens development.
Besides, SOMO VISION has various camera modules applicable to dash cam, iris recognition camera, and IP cam, and it is capable to develop and produce in accordance with customers’ requirements when requested.
SOMO VISION develops advanced technology through its own R&D team with continuous investment.
SOMO VISION Co., Ltd. has secured the lens design technology and competitive edge in manufacturing cost through operation of its own production facility and the production plant built in Vietnam thanks to the stabilized financial structure being managed by the group (SOMO Group). | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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