IoT RFID Product[INQ. NO. 2009E27] Bluebird Inc. facilitates company automation with integrated solutions, from RFID system design to construction/operation/technical support services, including RFID solutions and IoT platforms to implement the internet of things environment in the company.
Portable RFID reader RFR900, a representative RFID product in Bluebird, shows superior results in terms of technical power in the sensor-recognition field, and technical support services compared to rival products, and recognition is spreading in the European market.
Sensitivity in receiver and RFID reading performance is so excellent that it shows high speed and accuracy in tag recognition, to the point where it can read more than 900 tags per second. Moreover, it is eliciting a huge response in the market by combining 5.5-inch full high-definition multi-touch display with thin and light design.
Also, various product line-ups are available for users to select according to their environment, along with installation cost-savings, including compact design and all-in-one antenna, simplified fixed type (FR900)/desk top (DR901) reader, and the launch of a highly portable wearable product (WR900).
Furthermore, the IoT platform Bluebird Universe (Bluebird Universe™) that collects and analyzes data generated from various IoT devices, and two types of instruction/operation management solutions that support system development suitable to company environments, provide the best services to construct and implement the company work system in an IoT environment.
In order to enhance this variety of RFID product specifications and performances, Bluebird joined the global RAIN RFID Alliance for RFID technical research, reflecting relevant techniques in its products, and promoting sustainable R&D enhancement through technical cooperation with Impinj, one of the leading companies in RAIN RFID. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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