Portable Sterilizer

https://korean-electronics.com//inquiry[INQ. NO. 2009E28] Due to Covid 19, people are more alerted to germs and are sensitive to personal hygiene in daily life.
RECARON is a portable sterilizer eliminating germ development in tumblers (baby bottles) resulting from difficulties in washing due to their structural problem.
RECARON can sterilize 99.9% of germs with UVC LED applied to both the top and bottom of the product when using it for 5 minutes by putting it in a washed tumbler (baby bottle).
Power is controlled by the ON/OFF touch system. If touched once, the bottom UVC LED turns on, and if touched one more time, it turns on both, top and bottom.
Once turned on, it goes off automatically after 5 minutes, and the user also can terminate its operation by pressing the touching area for 4 seconds.
The minimal design makes it easy to use even for a container with a narrow opening.
In order to provide convenience for simple and easy use anywhere and anytime, it has a hard case and is easy to hand carry with its ultra-light weight of 22 grams.
The RECARON products are not only suitable for fluid containers (baby bottles), but when separating the silicon round bar, they also can be used for household items vulnerable to germs such as masks, cell phones, keyboards, remote controllers, a mouse, and infant teether. Silicon used for the round bar is harmless material used for baby bottles.
Besides, it has secured safety by acquiring U.S.A FCC, Europe CE, and RoHS certifications. It operates by the touch system and sustains up to 40 times of operation once charged.
This product is an innovative sterilizer that enables people to lead healthier and more pleasant lives free from germs in daily life.

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