Water Purifier & Dispenser


[INQ. NO. 2010E08] This new product for the large capacity water purifier, GP-80, marketed by Aqua Glory Co., Ltd., provides the highest level of the storage capacity – total 14 liters (cold water: 8 liters, hot water: 5 liters).
The company has been producing this sort of device for more than 20 years in the water purifier and cold/hot water dispenser industry enabling clean potable water available for 24 hours
The company’s aqua purifier is hygienic and free from concerns about erosion by using stainless

steel for a water reservoir and each tank for cool and hot water. It uses insulation material for the hot water tank and a temperature control device for overheat prevention in order to reduce the risk of possible fire, and adopts a safety cock as the basic element against children’s scalding burn form hot water.
The company has confidence in its high popularity from both domestic and oversea buyers by using only Korean-made products for the four-step filters including the hollow fiber membrane (UF membrane) and the reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane) and by adopting those LG and Daewoo compressors with proven creditability and durability.
It is differentiated from other products using cheap compressors made in China.
Moreover, it has acquired certificates required for export. At present, this company has certifications such as ISO9001/14001, CE, CB, and RoHS specifications, which cover Europe and Asia, as well as PSE Circle/Diamond specification for Japan, and SASO specification for the Middle East, Saudi Arabia.
What’s more, the company keeps updating and adding certifications according to its requirements whenever it needs or whenever a new product is introduced.
This company with its successful export performance to more than 20 countries exerts steady efforts in order to expand its business field.

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