Mobile Application Book

[INQ. NO. 2010E09] Mobile Application Book – an appbook exclusive for mobile devices is a new form of media with much more interactivity and interesting functions capable of being applied to various forms of media compared with existing e-books or Webbooks.
Several makers are available in the USA, since Adobe has initially developed it in 2013. However, their products are basically expensive and some are even in a slightly different form from its web book. In contrast to this, the web book under our development and production can be manufactured and supplied at a much more competitive price and with various strong points.
In other words, its accessibility offers much more convenience and fun through inserting various media such as video clips (an embedded or a YouTube link method), virtual reality, mini-games (finding a hidden figure or different figure), motion effect, and events (complimentary coffee coupons, etc.).

Uploading after being manufactured basically with an indesign program by a book edition designer and optimization for mobile can materialize the higher level of text and image quality.
Currently, it is used for newsletters published by public institutions in Korea such as the court newsletter, dream letter by the Ministry of Education, the newsletter of the Korea Trade Insurance Corporation, etc. Also, it is used in the 2020 KIAF catalog.
AppMedia Company is focusing on expanding the Thai market with “Learning Korean for Thai”, an app book utilizing its benefits, which is already being marketed via appstore and playstore.
Accordingly, its app book is convenient and simple for everybody to use, and is perfect for readers seeking more interesting and sensible books. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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