DC to AC Digital Power Inverter


[INQ. NO. 2010E23] Since its founding in 2000, PNKHITECH. Co., Ltd. has been solely producing DC to AC inverters for 20 years, thus developing source technologies and obtaining patents, as well as ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.
As for puresine wave inverters, the company’s share of the domestic market accounts for around 60 ~70%. For all of the products it is manufacturing, the company has obtained KC and EMC certifications.
For its main products, it has acquired international certifications including UL, FCC, CE, and others so as to export to various countries around the world such as the USA, Germany, Brazil, and so forth.

With functions of protecting battery low/high voltage returns and restricting secondary voltage regulations coming from input voltage changes, and by improving input circuit part materials and heat dissipation structures, PNKHITECH has enhanced the efficiency of its inverters.
Its products are equipped with real-time text monitoring and displaying functions, circuits to control internal noise, and functions for protecting overload, in/output overheated temperature, surges, and short circuits. In terms of quality and price competitiveness, its products are outstanding with a two-year warranty.
PNKHITECH is planning to meet its customers’ needs by continuously carrying out R&D, building up manufacturing technologies, providing the best quality and highly-performing products and creating services based on its own source technologies.

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