Hybrid Transformer with Harmonic Attenuation


[INQ. NO. 2010E24] The transformer is the most important device in electrical installations and can be used for 20 to 25 years. Therefore, safety and efficiency are the most important factors when selecting the product, and research and development are proceeding continuously to ensure these requirements are met.
Enertech’s hybrid transformer is a new technology product that has combined the existing high-efficiency transformer with harmonic filter technology, being an integrated product with harmonic attenuation function. That is, unlike the conventional transformers, this product is a transformer that can improve stability and efficiency of the facility by reducing harmonics without installing a separate harmonic filter.

Particularly, in terms of the recent characteristics of the electric facilities, due to the increase of non-linear loads such as LEDs, UPS, inverters, PCs, and power converters, etc., the harmonics and imbalance tend to increase in the power system, which are essential factors of the increased power loss, electrical accidents and deterioration of power quality. Therefore, the maintenance costs to prevent such problems are gradually increasing.
The hybrid transformer has the functions of harmonic and unbalanced attenuation, which is expected to reduce power loss, improve facility efficiency, as well as prevent electrical accidents, compared with the conventional transformers. Enertech succeeded in developing the product for the first time in the industry through cooperative R&D with five power plants under KEPCO and has dominated the development of this technology through patent registrations in Korea, the United States and China, currently receiving great responses in both domestic and overseas markets.

Enertech has already secured a number of delivery contracts with large corporations including POSCO, Samsung SDI, Hanjin Heavy Industries, NONGSHIM Co., Ltd. as well as public institutions such as LH Corporation, K-water, Korea Rural Community Corporation, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of National Defense, and Offices of Education, etc. In addition, Enertech is also exporting to overseas markets including Chile and Vietnam.
The uses and types of the hybrid transformer are as follows: The low-loss hybrid transformer is a distribution transformer (22900V or lower), which includes a cast-resin transformer and an oil-immersed transformer. Its functions include the transformer function, harmonic attenuation, and imbalance improvement.
By using the hybrid transformer, you can expect reduction of power loss, enhancement of facility efficiency, prevention of electrical accidents and extension of facility life

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