Heating Cable, Film & Pipe


[INQ. NO. 2010E25] Heating X-L Pipe is made by using innovative heating technology to improve heating efficiency through special heat medium and expansion pressure, by heating the heating wire in a closed X-L pipe without a boiler or circulating motor which is the medium for floor heating. It saves more than 70% of heating costs compared to the oil heating of the same area.
Long-time heating is possible with small energy by the heat-storing action of the heat medium and plaster layer filled in the pipe. Follow-up services are available by opening the checkbox without damaging the finished material.

With the adoption of expansion pressure absorbing device inside the pipe, it prevents the burst of X-L pipe and leakage of liquid, and with the insertion of the natural material that prevents heat storage and freezing, freezing and bursting is prevented down to -20˚C.
Underfloor heating cable A system buries the floor heating cable in the floor of the building, using radiation from electric energy to conduct main heating and supplementary heating in the floor in order to make the indoor environment clean and provide convenient heating effect.
It adopted a special heat-generation conductor considering resistance value per unit length, and it has excellent heating effects. It is advantageous for space utilization with no need for a boiler room, and it requires no oil supply and does not generate exhaust fumes. And it does not require separate maintenance facility or cost, and central and partial heating are possible. Heat resistance temp. 200°C silicon sheath is processed, and one more layer of EMI shield is added to perfectly shield harmful EMI.
Heating film is a cutting-edge heating method based on gravure printing of carbon heating element on PET film, electrodes are made of copper foil, and laminated with a film. Film heating is well-being heating that emits far-infrared rays and anions, producing warm air using far-infrared radiation. With its high heating efficiency, it can save 50% or more heating costs compared to an oil boiler in the same area.
Enerpia Co., Ltd. manufactures and develops materials and products that are eco-friendly and safe energy systems. This system can reduce heating costs, save energy and prevent global warming. Its electronic floor heating system offers the affordable luxury of warm floors and barefoot comfort that anyone can enjoy anytime. Its facility and machines are exclusively manufactured by the company as it has all the machinery, expert technicians R&D team, CAD design team, CS team, and Installation team.

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