Coding Platform

[INQ. NO. 2010E26] AwesomeIT is a brand specializing in coding education through physical computing.
AwesomeIT provides training with physical computing coding materials and student-oriented coding platforms that can be assembled and controlled directly, and offers professional and concentrated curricula and various training expertise proven in the actual field of training.
Its main products ― AsomeBot, AwesomeCar, and AwesomeKit ― are toy-type teaching materials that help students learn to code easily and help educators to teach coding easily.
These tools allow the students to start learning coding in a fun way by letting the students assemble their tools, and make their own codes to move these tools around.

Awesome IT also develops and provides its coding learning program, AsomeCode.
AsomeCode is a coding learning program that can be executed immediately just by clicking, which allows students to easily understand the principles, makes algorithms easier with intuitive coding blocks, and even allows students to practice text coding in Python, the actual programming language.
Established in 2013, Blue Communication focuses on creating special educational teaching tools, educational platforms, and culture.
Since 2013, the company has produced and published IT/SW specialized books, as well as developing its own coding education curriculum, and physical computing teaching tools.
In 2018, the company launched ‘AsomeIT,’ a brand specializing in coding education. Anyone, including students, teachers, parents, etc., who find software coding difficult and complex, can learn and teach coding easily, and also develop creativity and logical thinking through coding. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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