LED Beauty Device


[INQ. NO. 2011E05] Medlife, specializing in producing laser beauty devices, developed Celight which is a beauty device using the LLL (Low Level Laser) function in a unique way.
Celight is a self-care beauty device that enables ordinary people and esthetic salons to easily use LLL medical devices that are normally mainly used by dermatologists. It is developed as a device that can improve a targeted part mainly without affecting the outer layer of the skin. The device can be used with more confidence by consumers as it acquired KC Certification.
Celight, Medlife’s latest LED beauty device, was developed using wavelengths. A red wavelength (635nm), blue wavelength (415nm) and near-infrared ray wavelength (IR=near infrared ray, 850nm) are used.
The product has several modes: Mode 1 (red + near-infrared ray wavelength), Mode 2 (blue wavelength), and Mode 3 (blue wavelength + red wavelength). The effects of Mode 1 include improvement of facial skin (improvement of fine lines, pore tightening, skin elasticity, lifting, improvement of skin texture, etc.), improvement of neck wrinkles, improvement of hair loss, and pain relief (knee pain, shoulder pain, menstrual pain, etc.).
Effects of Mode 2 play a role of improving acnitis. Mode 3 is effective when being used for skin regeneration including acnitis, acne spots, etc., with acnitis improving by almost 90%.

The product has several time settings of 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes, respectively. It can be used for any type of skin. It is recommended to use the product for 20 minutes a day but it is fine to apply it for 30 minutes. There are no side effects. The skin improvement effect can be noticed after two weeks of use. For hair loss, hair grows in spots where there was no hair before and thinning hair becomes healthier if you use it for 3~6 months, although there are differences among individuals.
Most beauty devices are small and should be handheld constantly while in use, but with Celight, skin is improved if a user just lies under the device for 20 minutes. Because of this, it is expected that not only weary working women but also men will prefer this product since they can perform skin care in the most comfortable position. After years of developing technology, Medlife now can produce Celight, a beauty device, 100% domestically with its own technology.

The headquarters of Medlife is located in Seoul and the factory is located in Incheon. Medlife has been researching skin and its problems for a long time and is manufacturing beauty devices using cutting-edge technology. Celight is an LED beauty care device pursuing high-performance, low price and convenience of use for global markets.
The mission of Medlife is to supply eco-friendly, very effective products through constant research and development, and with the latest technology.
Celight has been receiving a lot of interest from overseas buyers as an innovative product in the beauty device lists through the Consumer Goods Showcase Korea every year since 2016.
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