Educational Robot

For Software Coding

[INQ. NO. 2011E10] Established in 2013, SAEON Co., Ltd. released an educational robot for software coding, called ALTINO. In 2016, SAEON obtained certifications for CE and FCC and exported its product to Malaysia.
SAEON accomplished the splendid feat of exporting to the United States in 2017 and to Australia in 2018. SAEON won an Award from the Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy in 2017 and won an Award from the Deputy Prime Minister-cum-Minister of Education this year.

SAEON’s ALTINO is a steering-type automotive robot. This product is driven 20 ° to the left and 20 ° to the right respectively with two rear-wheel motors. It is equipped with two front lights, two rear lights, four turn signals, two brake lights, a buzzer (one octave to eight octaves), an 8×8 dot matrix, etc.
ALTINO has 6 distance sensors, and it is equipped with an illumination sensor, temperature sensor, acceleration sensor, gyro sensor, and a geomagnetic sensor. It also has a remote control receiver, steering torque, rear motor torque, etc., and can check the steering variable resistance and remaining battery level.
The operation app, which helps you control ALTINO like a toy, can be installed in an Android phone or iPhone. Textbooks are available from kindergarten level to university level (Unplugged Program Crayon, Scratch, Entry, Python, C Language, Arduino Sketch, and Image Processing Program at Raspberry Pie). ALTINO is strong and sturdy. As the bootloader is embedded, the firmware can be upgraded with Bluetooth. SAEON has plenty of educational contents for coding training.
-Various applications and program contents for the trainees of each age group

  • Assembly manual and operation app
    (5 years old and above)
  • Self-made block coding crayon (kindergarten or higher)
  • Scratch program (3rd grade of elementary school or higher)
  • Entry program (3rd grade of elementary school or higher)
  • Python program (middle school or higher)
  • Arduino sketch program (middle school or higher)
  • C language program (high school or higher)
  • Android app program (high school or higher)
  • Raspberry Pi image processing program
    (university or higher) | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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