Substation Total Diagnostic System

[INQ. NO. 2011E09] The substation total diagnostic system from Yousung Instrument and Electric Co., Ltd. prevents breakdowns in advance by comprehensively analyzing acquired information online from a number of sensors for partial discharge, dissolved gas, bushing diagnosis installed in transformers and GIS, and the operation information collected via the SCADA system.
It runs multiple diagnostic functions as a single program and real-time, trend analysis works to check substations’ overall state.
Furthermore, the substation total diagnostic system has a convenient maintenance function in case of failure with individual system configuration and uses IEC 61850 communication protocol. Various diagnostic techniques and libraries to improve diagnosis rate are also available.

GLU products have two different configurations, which are UHF partial discharge and CB operation characteristics. Partial discharge features an installed fUHF sensor (500MHz~1500MHz) enabling the user to make decisions on over five types of partial discharge. Data analysis of PRPS and PRPD with library update and measurement data learning function is also possible.
CB operations have a trip / close function with coil current from 0 to 5A and open/close contact function. UHF partial discharge system of MLU (transformer) uses a window sensor and a drain valve sensor (300MHz~1,800MHz).
It can make decisions on over six types of partial discharge and contains all the functions that GLU has. Furthermore, MLU has a dissolved gas analysis system, OLTC monitoring function and bushing diagnosis function with less than 0.2% of error rate.

During system runs, the single line diagram shows the location of sensors installed at substations, diagnosis state and communication state with symbol. The substation total diagnostic system shows the location and state of the sensor, diagnosis results of current facility in detail and shows the event history, alarm history and trend, check with details on users’ preferences by various menu channels.
Monitoring events and alarms are possible and selected events display the state by vector diagram. Measuring value of gas type and indicating the abnormal state are also possible by using the dissolved gas analyzing menu channel.
Finally, the substation total diagnostic system shows a trend graph for each item so that the user can see the change of the transformer state at a glance over a period of time.
Yousung Instrument & Electric, founded in 1989, develops key components of the electric power industry including incoming panels, distribution panels, relays, substation automation systems, and condition monitoring systems that are essential for the construction of next-generation electrical grids with green smart technology.
Quality optimization through the development of high-end technologies, process rationalization and continuous investment in equipment and facilities are the main driving forces of the rapid growth of Yousung. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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