World’s Lowest-priced Dental Implant

[INQ. NO. 2011E08] Low-priced dental implant markets are rapidly opening in China and India.
Even the world’s top-ranked dental implant company also tries its best including investment in no-brand companies to enter the low-price markets, but no more innovative price reductions can be expected other than no-margin with current dental implant manufacturing styles.
MTIG Co., Ltd. applied new technology (titanium powder injection molding technology method) to dental implant manufacturing and succeeded in developing the world’s lowest-priced dental implant, “K-Plant.”

It has about 1,000 times more productivity compared to existing CNC mechanic processing dental implants, less expensive than US$10, and high profitability (about 20% or higher).
With its own fine porosity, especially, K-Plant is easy to attach to the dentary bone and has longer setting period.
This product already certified according to the KFDA standard “biological safety test (animal implantation test)”.
MTIG is producing about 60 pieces of dental implant parts per month, and also has customized production for titanium parts.

This is a global business that can monopolize global low-priced dental implant markets in China, India, South America, and Africa.
Also, the company plans to list on the NASDAQ.
Furthermore, the company will contribute greatly to the health welfare of humankind. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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