Hybrid PPG Module


[INQ. NO. 2011E23] Hybrid PPG module is a minimized bio-signal detection module that includes the Analog Front End (AFE) IC and the manual element required to operate the sensor. It can be used to measure heartbeat, oxygen saturation, changes in heartbeat rate, maximum oxygen saturation, etc.
Hybrid PPG module offers a higher degree of usability than those of competing products. It requires no further circuit development. Its sensor area is coated, so it can be applied to the products in a directly exposed form without any cover.
It can be applied to various IoT products, such as wearable devices, mobile devices, medical devices, etc. Because the data generated by the Hybrid PPG module is highly accurate, it can be applied to the development of special-purpose devices for socially vulnerable persons, including the disabled, people in special facilities, and the elderly.
RED SUBMARINE CO., LTD. is developing a complex module that combines its module technologies and technology that senses the core body temperature ( CBT).

Hybrid Modules Based on Complex Sensors
The company develops and manufactures hybrid modules based on complex sensors. Its products have optimized structure and function-focused hardware composition when compared to those of its competitors.
The features and advantages of the company are that it comes up with ideas to meet users’ needs and demands. It develops the IoT-related hardware and provides order-made development service focused on the functions that the customers want. It has technological partnerships to materialize the functions and personal network to make ideas more specific.

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