Inocent Expert Scalp Dryer PURISM PRO

[INQ. NO. 2011E22] SOONSOOBARMA Co., LTD. is a venture company that manufactures smart clean air appliances.
SOONSOOBARMA develops small indoor home appliances that generate wind, such as scalp dryers, hair stylers, AIO air-purifying laundry dryers, etc., based upon the two keywords − health and safety.
After the company noticed the risks created by the hazardous materials emitted from small home appliances used indoors, such as hairdryers, hair stylers, air purifiers, etc., it started to develop its products in 2014.
The small home appliances generate: electromagnetic waves two to five times stronger than that generated by a microwave oven; an amount of fine dust similar to that generated when cleaning beddings; and radioactive materials, such as radon.

To avoid the aforementioned negative effects, the company reduced the amount of hazardous substances discharged by its products, using the thermal wave ceramic heater and the anti-dust motor (BLDC).
The company has been researching and developing its core technologies for a long time, and mass-producing its products derived by applying the results of such R&D.
Most small home appliances used indoors (hairdryers, hair stylers, air purifiers, etc.) are designed to protect the users from electromagnetic waves, but the degree of electromagnetic waves actually discharged is greater than the standards recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Also, they discharge hazardous materials, such as fine dust and radon, but the users often do not notice this fact. Thus, the company independently developed technology that can prevent the discharge of hazardous materials.
SOONSOOBARMA is expanding its business scope to focus on clean air products used as indoor home appliances and plans to complete the development of dual-change hair stylers, all-in-one purifiers, etc. by June 2021. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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