Physical Security Solution

For Computing Environment

[INQ. NO. 2011E21] COMXI is a manufacturer of SMARTKEEPER, a physical security product for computer & network devices used internationally by manufacturers, large corporations, governments, the military, power plants, and public institutions.
SMARTKEEPER series can block various input/output ports from USB to Network ports and lock other devices from the port to restrict unplugging the cable & devices.
One of the best sellers of SMARTKEEPER, the USB Port Lock, is used in various industries to prevent data breaches or intrusion of malicious code or virus into the internal network via USB drive.
By hand, you can easily insert the USB port lock into the port, but without the key (called the Universal Lock Key), you cannot remove the port lock from the USB port unless you break the port.

Blocking all unused USB ports creates another demand for security for devices that need to be used, such as keyboards and mouse. If you can unplug the USB cable or dongle that’s plugged in, that means you still have a security hole because someone can unplug and insert other devices.
Therefore, through Link Lock, you can lock the USB cable from the USB port to complement the risk.

In the same way, 30 kinds of products support various computing environments such as ethernet (RJ-45), LAN cable, SFP, QSFP, CD-ROM to even anti-theft product for computer & laptop.
Most of SMARTKEEPER can be managed with one key so that the security manager does not have to manage each different key of all kinds of lock products inconveniently.

Not only various key patterns but also through unique business policies such as strict B2B business, end-user management & verification, and serial numbering for each key, users are reassured about the security of the key.
To prevent catastrophic disaster via malware intrusion or data breach from internal employees, the cost of adopting physical security is a very smart way & effective solution. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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