Innovative Slim Linear LED

[INQ. NO. 2012E19] NDFree is the innovative slim linear LED launched on the market this year.
It is a product combining strong points of both AC and DC products by incorporating the strong points of the existing DIVA series, and at the same time utilizing the advantages of the AC product.
This product does not need an additional driver and can be utilized for a shelf, ceiling, and indirect lighting connecting it by applying power once to the maximum 400W without any black spots, while enabling slim design with 17×17(mm) dimension.

NDFree with CRI 90 of higher color fidelity provides a desired color with much more direct effect, and has various Calvin cycles from 2700K to 4000K.
Also, it utilizes a locking device at the end of the product for safe and easy use, which allows more convenient attaching and removal of the product. Meet NDfree, differentiated from existing AC products!
From fluorescent lamps to LEDs, FEELUX has been leading the domestic and overseas markets as a specialized company in the lighting industry for the past 40 years.
Based on a global network accumulated over many years and automated production facilities, it is recognized for its technology, quality competitiveness, design, and patent competitiveness. FEELUX is leading the development of products that lead global lighting design trends by continuously participating in the world’s four major lighting exhibitions and winning “Reddot Design Awards” and “Design plus” Awards.
This year FEELUX launched an innovative AC lighting NDFree, and sterilization lighting NDPure, that utilizes a wavelength of 405nm.
As such, FEELUX is also continuing to expand investment in R&D for next-generation IoT new products, and through this, it will grow one step further in the trend of the 4th industrial revolution in the world. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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