Premium IOT Plug & Semi AI Speaker


[INQ. NO. 2012E20] Things Control, where celebrities in the Korea trend meet the state-of-the-art AI function
AIOT-Tap, which Hyundai AIT Co., Ltd. recommends, always greets you with the voice of your favorite Korean trend star, and controls nearby devices you want with the voice.
The technology characteristics are to have simple conversations with IOT tap and voice without purchasing an additional AI speaker, to be able to make on/off control and to check the consumed power (the hour of study) of lightings on the desk or humidifier, the blue-tooth speaker, which are connected to AIOT-Tap, besides, utilizing AWS and Google cloud skill if requested.

End-user can automatically set all the function of cloud skills by connecting AIOT-Tap to user’s mobile phone after purchasing.
The main consumers are students who can create an effective study system providing the feeling of studying together with their favorite Korean trend stars. It is expected to be globally popularized as an entertainment commercial device retaining the state of art technology.
At present, Hyundai AIT Co., Ltd. is discussing a partnership with a well-known domestic management and entertainment company, and planning to release it via the Amazon launchpad next February.
Hyundai AIT a technology based venture business established by experts in each field concerned, is a futuristic company running business by developing products specialized in IOT module, AI solution, and disaster prevention devices – and now is proceeding with KONEX special listing in 2021 as a registered company in the Korea startup market. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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