Outdoor Unit Support


[INQ. NO. 2012E21] The HK-430, 520 and 730 air conditioner outdoor unit base support series by Digital Kukje Airconditioner developed as a countermeasure to support the existing support the ABS material that breaks and crumbles when exposed to UV rays during winter.
These products are registered on patent, design, and eco-friendly certification in Republic of Korea. As the standard materials by LG Electronics which is approved and high-quality products, are selling steadily in Republic of Korea. Any harmful substances excluded and it withstands a load greater than 1 ton, blocking UV rays and non-freezing and unbreakable.

As mentioned, these are made of standard raw materials that includes UV ray blocking agent and the mixture is reinforced over many times in the factory to prevent the breaking and crumbling of support in winter and to make it stronger while it is exposed to UV rays. The products are strong enough and didn’t go deformed while it weighted 3 tons of metal object on the location of the outdoor unit fixing bolt for three days.

The standard materials of LG Electronics registered after tested on the items below, which selected by discussing with the System Air Conditioner Quality Assurance Team and passing the test. There are 11 test items for the plastic support. The test items included structure, appearance, specification, measurement, endurance against UV rays, endurance against weather, refrigerant, oil reaction, flame retarding, temperature cycle, stress resistance, eco-friendliness, maximum compression strength, etc.

Digital Kukje Airconditioner Co.Ltd. founded in March 1985 based on its technical skills for refrigeration equipment. Since its business of installing low-temperature warehouses and refrigeration machines started in 1989, Digital Kukje Airconditioner provides heating and cooling system air conditioner solutions while partnering with LG Electronics to lead the refrigerating and air conditioning industry.

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