Ceramic Magnetic Materials & Electronic Parts


[INQ. NO. 2012E02] TODA ISU CORPORATION was launched in 1987 as the ISU Ceramic Inc. and relaunched after changing the company name to TODA ISU in a joint venture company with 50:50 investment by Korea ISU Group and TODA Group in Japan.
TODA ISU has diversified and expanded its business field to magnetic raw material in ferrite and metal fields, shielding sheets for mobile devices, high-quality ferrite core for the engineering/automobile industry, inductors, and parts for the renewable energy field.
TODA ISU with the slogan “Change for Trust” is now challenging toward new business fields simultaneously solidifying existing business fields based on its own material technology know-how, together with experience in production of parts.
TODA ISU, producing magnetic materials and electronic parts in various fields such as the display, mobile phone, and automobile fields, is now supplying core parts to the leading firms in each field.
The current main business items of TODA ISU include, but are not limited to ferrite, inductors, power supply devices and EMC filters.

TODA ISU manufactures ferrite in the forms of ferrite powder and ferrite core, such as the super low power loss at high frequency (500kHz~1MHz) and the super low power loss at wide temperature ferrite for automobiles and the garnet ferrite of high dielectric constant used for telecommunication repeaters.

TODA ISU manufactures and distributes the SMD inductors, including the high current, high-efficiency inductor for 48V DC-DC converter for electric vehicles, and the high permeable inductor that reduced resistance and minimized heat emissions.

EMC Filters
TODA ISU satisfies the demands of eco-friendly energy companies through supplying the EMC filter used as an electricity adjustment/conversion device in the areas of photovoltaic and renewable energy.

Switched Mode Power Supply
TODA ISU also manufactures power-supply devices in the range of 10W~1.6KW that are used for telecommunication and medical devices by using its own magnetic material and inductor.

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