Ceramic-Related Products


[INQ. NO. 2012E01] POCERA began mass-production of polymerized chemical products and ceramic products developed by stand-alone technology after the founding of the company in 2000.
Since then it has been transformed into the present corporation, and is now producing various products applicable to a wide range of fields. Accumulated technology for the past 20 years enables the company to supply various high-quality products at economical prices.

Ceramic Parts
POCERA’s ceramic parts such as plates, rings, and bushings for semiconductor and display devices have proven excellence in wear resistance, chemical resistance and thermal resistance, and are now under production, customized to customers’ requests.
Two types of heat-resistant crucible are available: one is the double layer crucible protecting its contents with excellent thermal-shock resistance for frequent and steady use; and the other is the single layer crucible for inexpensive price. The basic thermal resistance temperature for both types is 1,650˚C, and they are now are being produced in various content capacity or size in accordance with customers’ requests.

The double layer crucible features light weight with thinner layers providing lower heat transfer rate requires no handle even when containing hot or cold beverages. Other features are outstanding detergent resistance and no presence of heavy metal.
The heat-resistant tableware with lower porosity is a hygienic tableware that absorbs neither detergent nor food liquid, and its ceramic coating by polymer dispersion prevents food from scorching and sticking.

Raw material Parts
Poly-hedral alumina has more excellent radiation properties than spherical alumina and no pollution effect thanks to the environmentally friendly manufacturing method while its granularity can be adjusted variously according to a customer’s request (300 tons/year). Flaky Alumina is used for cosmetics and engineering and its size can be adjusted according to the request of a customer.

Chemical Parts
[INQ. NO. 2011E01] High-quality products are used for flame-retardant plastic and matting agent, with almost no variation by lot. Economic prices thanks to self-development by POCERA enabled mass consumption. Up to 1,000 tons of each of them per year are under production.
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