Body Composition Analyzer

[INQ. NO. 2103E05] Mediana Co.,Ltd., a medical equipment manufacturer, proudly presents its new body composition analyzers under the brand names of I30 & I20, respectively.
The two latest models show a high correlation with the gold standard (R=0.984), giving you a precise measurement result for your health.
Mediana’s devices are purely focused on offering comfortable experiences to users. It is highly recommendable for potential buyers to visit the company’s booth at this year’s upcoming KIMES 2021 – in order to precisely analyze their body composition, and gauge the effectiveness of the device.
For the two models’ input interface, keypad and touch screen are basically equipped and provided. Weighing 17kg, they have 360mm (W) x 559mm (L) x 992mm (H). Approximately 25 sec. is required for measuring. For display, it is equipped with a LCD color touch screen

Body Composition Analyzer

Patient Monitor
The patient monitor, model M50, from Mediana Co., Ltd. has a high-quality 15-inch color TFT LCD touch screen that enables you to monitor up to seven traces with 11 numerics vital signs clearly even under the most difficult lighting conditions.
Four easy color-coded keyboards, a touch screen, and a trim knob allow clinicians to quickly access the monitoring functions controls within a second.
Medianas mission is to satisfy its customers needs by developing, manufacturing and selling state-of-the-art and affordable medical technology.
Ensuring the highest-quality management standards in all departments, the company seeks to continuously optimize its manufacturing and business processes. It strives always for fair and best business practices.
The company’s president stressed, “Our ultimate goal is to earn the trust of our customers by using our imagination and skills to continuously offer them better medical solutions.”

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