Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

[INQ. NO. 2103E06] KoaBP is an automatic blood pressure monitor with an arm cuff. Unlike other blood pressure monitors that only use oscillometric measurements, KoaBP uses both oscillometric and Korotkoff methods.
It gives the results according to the very precise Korotkoff measurement that doctors often use when measuring blood pressure. Through the mobile application, you can get the results & check the previous records anytime.

Automatic Breast Exam Ultrasonic Equipment (MammouS)
As a device that supplements the weakness of the existing breast examination equipment, this equipment is designed to replace mammography screening with a safer, ultrasound-based device.
It maintains the generalized structure and screening angle of mammography, and replaces an X-ray image with a safe, ultrasound-based image. Also, no matter how highly doctors are trained, they can get a standardized examination result.

Automatic Breast Exam Ultrasonic Equipment (MammouS)

The 3D images of the whole breast are created in a single scan. It is easy to compare the diagnostic images between MammouS and mammography (RCC, LCC, RMLO, LMLO). No risk exists of radiation exposure. Less pain after compression is ensured. It also excels in the automatic detection and segmentation of hypoechoic lesions.
Tumor classification and AI (Artificial Intelligence) diagnosis is possible. The specialized PACS viewer is highly effective for breast images. Moreover, a CAD (Computer Aided Diagnosis) system is integrated in the console or separate workstations.
Medical Park Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 to contribute to the improvement of human health. In particular, we supply products related to breast disease, and unique products that are needed for medical personnel in various medical fields.
In 2014, the company developed an effective vacuum-assisted breast biopsy device, Bexcore, for diagnosis of breast cancer and treatment of benign tumors, for the first time in Korea.

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Also, it has launched a core biopsy needle, Bexcore Fast, a localization wire, Caloc, a contrast medium that helps with mammography and Ducto-easy, etc. that can accurately diagnose and treat breast diseases.
The company supplies other products than breast disease treatment devices, and has introduced an ultrasonic scalpel and a smoke evacuation pencil. Currently, the company is working on a 3D automated breast ultrasound system that will transform the X-ray centric breast examination standard into ultrasound. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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