Thermography & Medical Cyrotherapy Equipment

[INQ. NO. 2103E07] Thermography is utilized in several fields including nervous system disease, bloodstream disease, ache and paralysis disease, etc. This medical infrared camera can detect IR intensity (7µm-14µm) and visualize a thermal image.
Thermography is a skill that can analyze right and left deviations in thermal image patterns of interested regions and show temperature changes visually via a computer.
This digital infrared thermal imaging system visualizes bloodflow disorders. It supports the only imaging modality to diagnose aches or pain. It allows no radiation, no pain, non-contact and is noninvasive. It detects physiological abnormalities and disorders. It evaluates pre- and post-effects of any operations, surgeries and treatments.
Full-digital IR images are available. The diagnostic software (MTIS) is basically provided. Precise temperature measurements are possible. The easy and intuitive control panel is also useful.
And very conveniently, the network viewer is available (PACS). This equipment thus ensures high-performance. Weighing 30.2kg (electric stand), this equipment has dimensions of 590 (W) x 590 (L) x 1390 (H) mm.

Thermography & Medical Cyrotherapy Equipment

Medical Cryotherapy Equipment
Neurocryostimulation (NCS) is a technique that applies a stream with ejection pressure of greater than 1 bar. The stream expels the gas in the form of microcrystals of carbon dioxide snow at -78 degrees C in a solid form.
The pressure is at a minimum of 50 bars when it comes out the nozzle and undergoes a loss in charge, down to 2.2 bars on contact with the skin. This technique acts using both convection and sublimations.
Thermal-shock temperature setting and the residual gas quantity indication are possible.
The functions of cylinder exchange counting function and a treatment-time setting function are respectively provided. The treatment-time progress bar indication is a convenient feature for operators and other persons concerned.
Weighing about 30kg except that of CO2 cylinder, it has dimensions of 330 x 405 x 1,000 mm.
This equipment consumes 13.2VA while waiting and 26.4VA during treatment.

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