Endoscopy Camera System


[INQ. NO. 2103E10] The HD endoscope camera system, called INSIGHT-I+, from M.I. One Co., Ltd., is a high-performance product with superior image resolution, designed for obtaining diagnostic images in otolaryngology, operations, etc.
Weighing 4.5kg, this system has dimensions of 300(W) x 240(D) X 76.5(H). It is possible to capture live images in communication with CCU-2100, and it is equipped with lamps that automatically turn on/off. Basically, replaceable fiber optic cable is provided. Eight-step light source brightness adjustment is possible. The color temperature of 6500K is ensured.
A slim and luxurious design is applied and intuitive user interface is provided for easy operation.

Endoscopy Camera System

ENT Workstation
The IU-3000 ENT workstation is ergonomically designed to simplify ENT procedures, vastly improve efficiency, and reduce user fatigue in ENT consulting / treatment rooms.
Its additional storage space, articulated arm for microscopy, CCU camera, and various integrated functions make it suitable for ENT consulting rooms.
The IC-3000 ENT’s chair features electrical height adjustment that is foot controlled, along with adjustable and removable armrests. Other features include 360° rotation (position lock), adjustable backrest from vertical to horizontal position, and an articulated headrest.
The suitable humidity for the product is 30 ~ 85% RH. The required atmospheric pressure is 700 ~ 1060hPa.
M.I. One was founded in 2014 with the purpose of developing high-quality medical equipment at reasonable prices in the Republic of Korea.
Showing sustained growth, the company consolidated itself throughout the years as an organization that designs, develops and sells equipment aimed at: full HD camera solutions; LED lighting; medical endoscopy; medical examination tables & chairs; nebulizers intended for otolaryngologists (ENT), pediatrics, gynecology, surgery, and veterinary practices.

Endoscopy Camera System

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