[INQ. NO. 2103E11] Majutech Inc., established in 2015 to become a leader in intravenous injection-related products, is developing products that can satisfy users, starting from their perspective.
Starting with the ‘VeinVu 100’ transilluminator, it is planning to release the VeinVu 200, the vein guider, and the safety IV catheter.
The transilluminator visualizes veins by illuminating near-infrared rays on the skin.
As VeinVu 100 transilluminator shows the veins of the same thickness as real veins on skin, it is possible to observe veins on a real time basis.
VeinVu 100 transilluminator is a contactless type product, and it is more convenient to use compared with existing contact-type products.


VeinVu 100 transilluminator provides a guide for finding or dividing veins for intravenous injection. Package includes VeinVu 100 transilluminator, adjustable product holder, charger, calibration card, reset pin, and manual.
The company’s representative director explained that the company will continuously develop products to be helpful for hospitals, patients, and businesses alike by listening carefully to customers and become a global small business. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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