Digital Radiography System

[INQ. NO. 2103E16] SG HealthCare Co., Ltd. has recently announced that the company will be participating in the 36th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2021). The company will be presenting their main products, digital radiography system (JUMONG Series) at the exhibition, as well as its CT scanner (DOMINUS) and a high-resolution ultrasound system (Q40).
In particular, SG Healthcare launched its AI-based low-dose CT (Computed Tomography Equipment), various types of digital X-ray & detector, and FPD C-arm, which were exhibited at the Chicago RSNA and AI showcase, and received favorable reviews. The comprehensive product line can provide total solutions for hospitals and clinics.
The Dominus CT Scanner (acquired CE & FDA license), to be exhibited at the upcoming exhibition, broke through the existing paradigm of CT/ High-resolution image realization through AI-based low-dose X-ray and reasonable maintenance cost is creating a sensation in overseas markets such as Vietnam, the Philippines, and Kazakhstan.

Digital Radiography System

SG Healthcare stepped into the global market with ‘the first domestic CT Dominus’, and is showing remarkable achievements in many parts of the world including CIS countries.
Garion 9, the FPD C-arm, is also leading the market trend, establishing itself as another great alternative for consumers around the world who previously had limited options.
In addition, the release of a variety of digital X-ray & detectors that meet the specific needs of consumers is receiving positive feedback from both domestic and global markets. SG Healthcare’s strategy to seek growth through continuous diversification can be observed through the varied range of products that will be displayed at this exhibition. The rapid advancement of SG Healthcare is currently capturing a lot of attention from buyers.

Digital Radiography System

SG Healthcare has established networks in more than 60 countries around the world, and has continued its progress as a successful export company targeting countries such as Turkey, Chile, and Russia. The global phenomenon also established itself in the domestic market by showing its capabilities within a short period of time, further proving itself as a solid company.
Starting with digital X-ray equipment, SG Healthcare is growing year-by-year through establishing a range of all-round diagnostic imaging equipment such as ‘low-dose CT’, ‘MRI’, and ‘Ultrasound.’

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