Non-contact Self-test Portable Tonometer

[INQ. NO. 2103E15] C&V Tech Inc. will participate in the 36th Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES 2021) and introduce its non-contact, self-measuring portable tonometer TONO•i.
TONO•i (model name CVT100) is the first non-contact, self-measuring portable tonometer to be introduced. It is a product that applies the technology (Patent No. 10-2025045 non-contact Tonometer) to measure intraocular pressure by analyzing the interaction between pneumatic and IR signals with an algorithm. Because it is non-contact type, there need be no concerns about anesthesia, pain, or contamination, and you can easily measure it yourself with a simple operation. As it is portable, you can easily manage intraocular pressure not only at home, but also during business trips and travel.
In the case of glaucoma patients, intraocular pressure management is essential, but in everyday life, intraocular pressure cannot be managed alone, so patients have to bear a lot of discomfort and stress due to anxiety about intraocular pressure.

Non-contact Self-test Portable Tonometer

This product has been certified as “tonometer (A28270.01, class 2)” by Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and a number of intraocular pressure measurement-related technologies have been applied in a complex manner, while subsequent models are also being developed.
Based on the consultation of a glaucoma specialist and glaucoma patient surveys, the study focused on the required usability, convenience, and reasonable price. It features superior performance, usability, and price competitiveness compared to its competitors through independent development of system module and hardware/software. It will be available to patients in various ways, including through ophthalmology hospitals, public institutions (health centers, nursing homes, etc.), government offices and organizations such as national defense, as well as pharmacies, medical equipment dealers, rental companies, and online.
C&V Tech Inc. has developed and launched this non-contact self-measurement portable tonometer based on patents, and possesses intellectual property rights through its own research manpower and industry-academia cooperation for the past five years since its establishment in 2015. Through continuous development and establishing a systematic eye health management system, it aims to become the world’s number one portable tonometer. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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