Smart Door Lock

[INQ. NO. 2105E01] BABA-8201 is one of the premium products offered by Pushpull System Co., Ltd. This model has unique features which include fingerprint, card, password, and emergency key opening methods. Additionally, the product is also compatible with smartphones through the smart app control using a Bluetooth connection.
Also, the product has a one-time password, fire alarm, robbery alarm, double lock, master card, master password, random password, voice guide (English, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese languages), low battery alarm and other functions which provide security and comfort to customers.
In addition, Pushpull System is manufacturing smart locks with antimicrobial protection coating which has 99.99% efficiency to eliminate any viruses or bacteria (FITI Test assured). Also, the products have special anti-shake technology which is a solution to door shake, wind noise, and noise from outside through door shake. This makes Pushpull System the only company in the world to achieve and to apply this technology with international patents in 51 countries.

Smart Door Lock

As a result of these innovations, Pushpull System’s products have been selected by the Korean government as Brand K products, which makes the company the only Korean smart lock manufacturer to represent Korea in global markets. This recognition enabled the company to become the leading smart lock brand of the Korean smart lock industry. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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