Opening New Horizons in the Global Golf Items Market

Established in 2017, RNDUS Co.,Ltd. is a specialist in golf rangefinders, opening new horizons in the global golf items market

Could you introduce your company to us briefly?
[INQ. NO. 2105E03] I started a business in 2017 with a co-worker upon sensing a fascination with rangefinders, the result of technological integration in the field of IT golf items, and utilizing a few years of experience with in-house ventures in golfzone distribution.
RNDUS is an abbreviation of “RND with US,” which means “Let’s do RND with us.”
Despite a small number of staffs, I could fortunately make a venture registration and establish a research institute, suggesting a new vision in golf goods markets both in Korea and overseas markets.

Opening New Horizons in the Global Golf Items Market

Please tell us about your company’s key export item and its major features
Our key export item is the golf rangefinder CaddyTalk Minimi. This product calculates the distance through the time taken in receiving a laser signal that returns after hitting the target.
What’s more, we hold a patent on slope function that indicates the difference of altitude in a golf course’s landscape and the calculated distance of a golf ball’s trajectory; and we hold a patent on the environment slope that reflects altitude, temperature, and humidity, respectively.
With an emphasis on three major factors — design, size, and lightening — we realized the same size as a credit card (9.2*5.8cm) and a weight of 135g.
That product supplies the accurately measured distance information upon swiftly sensing the target through the adoption of the HD horizontal laser method — the first in the related products field. CaddyTalk Minimi has won a 2020 IF Design Award in the sections of sports and outdoors last year.

Opening New Horizons in the Global Golf Items Market

Do you have a special message for your potential overseas buyers?
We plan to make ceaseless efforts to develop and release more IT-based golf items — under our company’s business motto, “Contributing more than ever to the popularization of golf.”
As part of our plans, we are developing some new products such as a putting trainer, a swing analyzer, etc., bolstered by our existing flagship product golf rangefinder CaddyTalk Minimi.
Based on such efforts, we aim to advance as a global brand through exporting our products to any region where a golf market exists including Korea, the Americas, Japan, Australia, Europe, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean electronics, brands and Goods

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